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Friends of Sudan Joint Statement on the UNITAMS-AU-IGAD Facilitated Political Process

13.04.2022 - Artikel

Statement vom  29. März 2022 hier im Original auf Englisch:

Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and the European Union as members of the Friends of Sudan reiterate our strong support for the combined efforts of the UN Integrated Transition Assistance Mission to Sudan (UNITAMS), the African Union (AU), and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) to facilitate a Sudanese-led political process with the aim of restoring a civilian-led transition to democracy.  We applaud these actors’ ongoing efforts to consult with a broad range of Sudanese stakeholders.  We look forward to the imminent launch of the next phase of the talks with the aim of building consensus around the structure of credible, civilian-led institutions that will lead Sudan through a revived civilian-led transition period, culminating in free and fair democratic elections.  The urgency cannot be overstated.  We, therefore, urge constructive engagement of all stakeholders in this next phase and underscore the importance of ensuring women, as well as youth, and other historically marginalized groups enjoy full, effective, and meaningful participation and inclusion throughout every stage of the process.

We welcome the progress made so far through the cooperation of Sudanese stakeholders and the combined efforts of UNITAMS, the AU, and IGAD.  For this UNITAMS-AU-IGAD-facilitated political process to succeed, an enabling environment that allows all stakeholders to participate and freely express their views must be created.  Trust must be rebuilt.  To that end, Sudanese citizens should be protected from all kinds of violence.  We welcome the commitments of the Sudanese authorities in this regard and encourage their implementation.  Full respect for freedoms of association, expression, and peaceful assembly is vital, as is protection of property. 

We are deeply concerned by the immense economic pressures currently facing the Sudanese people and are committed to continuing to provide direct, humanitarian support to them during this difficult period.  We look forward to the restoration of a credible transitional government agreed through the UNITAMS-AU-IGAD-facilitated political process, which would pave the way to restore economic assistance and international debt relief. 

As members of the Friends of Sudan, we continue to endorse the Sudanese-led political process facilitated by UNITAMS, the AU, and IGAD as the best vehicle to realize the Sudanese people’s aspirations for freedom, peace, and justice and to restore Sudan’s democratic transition.  We continue to pledge our full support to the Sudanese people and this process.

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